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Classic Picnic

Suitable for small group size around 10 attendants.

Grade: Easy


Enjoy a picnic lunch, complete with 3 fun games, and relax. That’s all for a casual day of great times.


1-2 days picnic around Ho Chi Minh:

o Bamboo Village (~25km away HCMC)

o 1 day


o BCR (~10km away HCMC)

o 1 day


o Cu Chi (~35km away HCMC)

o 1 day


o Mekong (~75km - 150km away HCMC)

o 1 day

o 2 days

o Binh Chau Ho Coc (~130km away HCMC)

o 1 day

o 2 days

o Vung Tau (~120km away HCMC))

o 1 day

o 2 days

o Ho Tram (~120km away HCMC)

o 1 day

o 2 days

o Long Hai (~110km away HCMC)

o 1 day

o 2 days

o Madagui (~180km away HCMC)

o 1 day

o 2 days



Your choice of games:


o Shooting (at BCR, Cu Chi, Ho May Park Vung Tau, Madagui)

o Mini-golf (at BCR)

o Farming (at BCR)

o Kayaking (at Bamboo Village, Ho May Park Vung Tau, Madagui)

o Cycling on water (at Bamboo Village, Madagui)

o Sporting car race (at Ho May Park Vung Tau)

o Car sliding (at Ho May Park Vung Tau, Madagui)

o Mountain climbing (at Ho May Park Vung Tau, Madagui)

o Zip line (at Ho May Park Vung Tau, Madagui)

o Passing the shore (at swimming pool)

o Fishing by hands (at Mekong)

o Series of “one minute to win” (at any place)

o Series of “I am a kid” (at any place)

o Series of “encoding letter” (at any place)

Interactional Fun-run

Suitable for all group sizes.

Grade: Difficult


It’s organized according to selected theme. Interact with locals, enjoy funs, and relax.


2-3-4 days Interactional Fun-run departing from HCMC:

o Mekong

o by road only


o Vung Tau

o by road

o by speedboat

o Mui Ne

o by road

o by train

o Da Lat

o by road

o by flight

o Con Dao Island

o by flight

o by ferry

o Phu Quoc Island

o by flight

o by road and ferry

Your choice of themes:


o Amazing Race: This contest features both physically

and mentally challenging components. It is a wide race to

the finish, with passports and clues to guide each team through various challenges.


o Projecting Race: Your Team will receive project money to purchase required equipment to design an outfit for your model.


o Wheel-fun-in-the-sun: Teams will race via foot, hands, bikes, boats, taxis…


o Chop Race: Chefs! Your Team will compete in three timed rounds: Appetizer, Main and Dessert. Each round your Team will receive a “Mystery Basket” whereby every item needs to be used for that round. 

Group Event

Suitable for large group sizes, minimum 30 attendants.

Grade: Average


o Gala dinner (max 4 hours)

o Year-end party (max 4 hours)

o Company birthday (max 4 hours)

Set up

o Outdoor

o Indoor

o On cruise


o River/Beachside

o Swimming pool

o Any

Party option

o Buffet

o Set menu

o A-la-carte

Drink option

o Free-flow 2 hours

o 2 units per person



o With PGs

o Without PGs



o With photographing

o Without photographing


Pre-opening F&B

o Beverage only

o Fast food and beverage



o Showbiz MC

o Experienced MC

o Requested:


o A song by singer

o A dance by band

o Own customized

Main party

o With DJ

o With singer

o Own customized

Game for fun

o 3 games

o No game



o With rewarding

o Without rewarding

o Own customized

Further request

o Birthday cake

o Champagne

o Trophy

Pause for a good cause

Charity teambuilding events are a two-for-one great deal. You learn to work better together as a team and leave feeling good about your day with a donation to charity.


o Yes, we want to do charity during the trip. Tiim® Travel please arrange for us.

o Yes, we want to do charity, but we don’t have time on the trip, Tiim® Travel please help us to donate.

o No, maybe next time.


Your total group size:


Number of females:


If your trip is overnight, please select hotel standard:

o 3 star

o 4 star

o 5 star


For reservation, please contact:


Tiim® Travel

2nd floor, Vinaconex Tower

47 Dien Bien Phu street

Dakao Ward

District 1

Ho Chi Minh City


Tel: +84 (28) 3911 2286



Download the teambuilding-menu here: teambuilding-menu-by-tiim-travel

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